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Some ins and outs of energy

11 Jun

A wonderful blog that has identified some of the methods Kingsisle uses to squeeze cash out of their gamers….it is not by chance they are known as “CrownsIsle” for the way they constantly induce us to buy crowns.

Wizard101 Basics for Beginners

Level 53 Wizard's garden

I can’t afford to buy endless crowns (or even to buy them very often) which means gardening and pet training, for me, require staying within energy limits so I don’t have to keep paying to refill energy.  I’ve run up against three areas in which the issue arises:  (1) how much energy does it take to fill all of the needs in the garden; (2) how much energy does it take to replant a crop after it has hit final harvest; and (3) can your energy globe refill in between visits?

The first issue is about planning a garden around needs.  You always want the needs of your plants, should all of them be required at once, to add up to no more energy points than you have.

Another issue arises when it comes to planting.  Unlike the needs, for which you can stack plants and fill all the needs for many…

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