“You Talkin’ to Me?”

17 Apr

This is sad but true that women have to endure this sort of treatment for doing nothing more than living their normal lives.
If men were harassed for walking to and from the market there would be a huge backlash and things would change!

Men seem to think it is their God given right to just walk up to any cute girl who is a stranger and be allowed to chat and then act all hurt and shocked when you think it out of place to be “addressed for no reason” by a stranger.
too many men think that any woman should be pleased they are given attention….instead of creeped out which is the normal reaction

Secondhand Honeymoon

004005Greetings, Honeymooners! I have returned from my lovely little break to bring you the final installment for my Classic Movie Theme. It’s going to get very personal…

When I was taking movie suggestions for this post, I didn’t think that there would be one that I would instantly connect to. But a good friend of mine threw Taxi Driver out there, and that happened.

To know why I decided on that, you have to know this:

Early last month, I was leaving my local farmers market with my grocery haul for the week. I’d stopped to adjust items in my bag to optimize the comfort of my walk back home. It was a hot day, and I was feeling extra-cute, so I had donned a backless halter-neck crop top with some cuffed jean shorts, and my mock-Sperrys. Near me, there was an older woman with a young girl, perhaps 6-7…

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